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21 Day Fix Extreme: Week Two

I forgot to take a sweaty selfie, but I got a shot of my leggings (which are awesome)

Week two is done! I was feeling great, but my health took a downward turn when I attended a cottage birthday. Essentially, my meals weren't that bad, but it was the grazing that has me feeling anything but great right now.

Thoughts on workouts: I am getting better at the workouts! I found them to be a lot more easy and I was able to modify less which was wonderful. I really pushed myself this week and although I was doing most of the workouts at night, I think they went really well. I really don't have any complaints or concerns, I think the upcoming week will be wonderful.

Thoughts on Health: I mixed things around this week, I wanted to lean off bread more, so I decided to have oatmeal for breakfast and make a Shakeology smoothie at work instead... the magic bullet is an interesting machine, so I'm still working on perfecting the work smoothie. I will admit that this week was not good for health. It's not that I wasn't following my containers, I was, but I allowed myself to treats and that's just disappointing to me. The I really treated myself on Saturday night and I just shouldn't have so, this week I will be on a strict meal plan that I will not break.

Thoughts on Personal Development: I think I am doing great on the PD side of things. I am still reading the same book as last week, but I've tried and made a huge effort to leave at lunch and read. I just finished bullet journaling for what my week will look like and I was kind to others.

Thoughts on goal accomplishments:

1) Modify less, but only when I feel ready (Did it and it was great, I really pushed myself) 2) Don't deviate from the containers (I totally deviated even when I meal prepped) 3) Read more (Did it)

4) Meditate 20 minutes before lunch (Kind of, but not fully done)

5) Spend less money (I did this)

6) Be more encouraging of others (Yes)

7) Be present for my commitments (mentally and physically) (I totally was!)

8) Do the ten-step face care routine at least twice (Nothing was done for me)

9) Clean my room mid-week or at least keep it tidy ( I did clean my room)

10) Try a new recipe ( Unfortunately, I did not)

Goals of the week:

1) Go to bed at 10 p.m.

2) Drink 8 glasses of water a day

3) Read 10 pages a day from the book I am reading

4) Spend less money

5) Don't deviate from the containers

6) Be present for my commitments

7) Tidy my room

8) Meditate

9) Modify less

10) Try a new recipe

I'll see you next week with my latest update!

Thanks for reading,



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