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My Favourite Health Documentaries

Hello everyone,

Over the years, I have always enjoyed a good documentary. If they were on TV, I would sit and watch, to me, it's a great way to inform myself and they are entertaining. As of March, my Netflix account was showing that I had watched a lot of the documentaries that were about people. So I decided to watch a documentary about food.

The flip switched and I started to understand where problems laid when it came to the food industry. Essentially, I finally started to see that if I didn't change the way I took care of my body, I would most likely be a patient for a cholesterol removal surgery from my arteries. (yeah, I linked a video of cholesterol being removed from the body) It's not that I was completely unhealthy either, I stayed away from red meat, pop, and fast food. What I wasn't staying away from was stress eating of sweets and snacks and I definitely had no idea how to portion my food in a healthy sustainable way.

I had to take a stance on my own health and my truth. It wasn't cheaper to eat junk food, its actually more expensive. It wasn't that I wasn't making an effort when I ate, it's just I wasn't eating enough veggies and wholesome foods. I decided to make an investment in myself because I really hadn't before. The documentaries really helped because they were my wakeup call, they are also reminders that the food industry is totally whack and everything is laced with sugar and excess sugar is bad for you.

Realizing I could be better for myself and my health was just what I needed to stop the unhealthy train I was on.

Okay, let's get to my favourite documentaries.

1) Cowspirary:

The documentary that changed my outlook on how to properly feed my body. This is where I learnt about cows milk and that really it's only supposed to be for baby cows so they can grow. I learnt about the effects food has on the environment and I learnt about the inhumane ways animals are treated. I learnt about a plant based lifestyle and that to me was huge. I actually spent months and months learning about a vegan lifestyle because it was just so fascinating.

2) Fed Up:

Wanna know about childhood obesity? Or adult obesity? This is the documentary for you. I learnt that the food industry has a huge part in how we see foods in the super market and it's not for the better. Children are simply blind-sided by the food industry and it's not okay.

3) Fat, Sick, and nearly dead:

This documentary follows a man around while he shares his journey to a healthier lifestyle by juicing. I'm not a huge fan of juicing, because it removes the fibre our bodies need, but it's very inspiring to see someone go from taking medications to treat food caused diseases, to not having to take any because he fixed his own problems with healthier choices.

4) Sugar coated:

Wanna know what really goes into your food? There are 50 names and counting for sugar. Everything is laced with sugar. Everything. Whether you know it or not.

5) Forks over Knives:

This is another documentary of a plant-based diet, but it's incredible. They show the studies of the positive impacts of a plant-based lifestyle and it really gets to the core of the problem of a western diet. They talk about diet and how it can be a solution for diseases.

6) Food Matters:

Ahh the importance of healthy eating. This is just another great documentary about how the food we eat effects us in our every day lives. It also talks about how pills don't fix the problem either.

Now these are just the ones you can get on Netflix, that I like, there are so many more out there! Instead of investing in unhealthy foods that make me feel bad and were just all-around bad, I now invest in my health. I know it's not what everyone wants to hear. I think we turn a blind eye on our health because we don't want to admit we have a problem. I think the longer you keep your back turned to your health, the longer and harder it becomes to start living an authentic healthy lifestyle.

I know it's hard to admit that your health is in danger, but don't wait until you have to have surgery to fix the problem. Inform yourself about what you're putting into your body, it's the most valuable thing you can do for yourself.

I really hope everyone sees what I see in these documentaries and that it affects you the way they affected me.

Thanks for reading,



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