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21 Day Fix Extreme: Week 1

Hello everyone!

So since I did so incredibly on the 21 Day Fix, I decided to not take a week off and to just jump into the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I'm going to do these updates on a weekly basis, but I do updates on Instagram on a regular basis.

Above, are my sweaty selfies for the week. You'll notice two are missing, I forgot to take them.

Thoughts on fitness of the week:

I think I did pretty well with a new program. Started my week off strong by doing the Dirty 30 and Yoga fix from the 21 Day Fix, then on Monday I did PLYO extreme. Having never done PLYO before, I wasn't expecting jumping, I also can't jump too high as I am in a basement. But it was good, I just jumped a little less and I was not perfect, ouf, if we had a video of me doing it. On day two, Upper Fix extreme, I had a great time doing it, since I love working out my arms. Day four: I liked Pilates extreme, its a nice change of pace, but not easy. I forgot how good it feels to work the abs though. Day Four was good with Lower Fix Extreme, but it was tough. Day Five was Cardio Fix and it was hard, but it was Friday and I did it. On Saturday, the Dirty 30 Extreme was a butt kicker. On day seven, I love sun salutations. When I first started yoga, I disliked them, but now it's better. Also, I had to modify the balance sections since I don't have great balance.

Overall, it was a pretty great fitness week.

Thoughts on health for the week:

During the week, my health was pretty good. I got my containers in, I got water in (not enough but close) During the weekend, I was like a car that went off the curb of the road. Ice cream ladies and gentlemen is what killed me. I also didn't get enough of my containers in. There's no excuse for bad health and I hate that I dug into the deep freeze. Oh well, I can only start off fresh tomorrow and try my best.

Thoughts on personal development:

I am currently reading Mastering your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini. It's a wonderful book. I am not reading as much as I would like though.

My Bullet journal is coming along though.

Goals for the upcoming week: 1) Modify less, but only when I feel ready 2) Don't deviate from the containers 3) Read more

4) Meditate 20 minutes before lunch

5) Spend less money

6) Be more encouraging of others

7) Be present for my commitments (mentally and physically)

8) Do the ten-step face care routine at least twice

9) Clean my room mid-week or at least keep it tidy

10) Try a new recipe

Alright everyone see you in a week for another update!

Thanks for reading,



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