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Week Three: 21 Day Fix

Hello everyone!

Okay, so this week is going to be different. I am going to the beach this weekend with a few friends, but that doesn't mean I am not going to stop what I committed to. I am going to be changing up the schedule a bit and going to be doing double day workouts.

Day 1 or 15:

I did all the surrenders and it was a great successful feeling, especially since these are the ones I dread the most. I also researched why I get feet cramps. Turns out, it could just be because I am dehydrated, so this week, my goals are to drink more water. I'm getting about 6-8 glasses a day, but I am going to do more. Even if it means I will use the bathroom a lot. I was a little discouraged today because I haven't seen a lot of progress, but what I have noticed is a huge change in my attitude, I have more energy, I am happier, and I look forward to working out.. I know, I look forward to working out.

Day 16&17: Upper Fix and Cardio Fix Morning Sweaty Selfie:

I love a great night sleep and a good morning workout. Upper fix was great as usual. Health was good until I realized I left my apple at home and replaced it with dark chocolate. Tisk tisk. Anyways, today, I let someone else discourage me and it took three different people to bring me up again. I don't generally let people's comments bother me, but today, I let it slip in and I just felt like I couldn't do anything. My morning was a little off, I had forgotten to do something, and by the end of the day, I had made up for it, but man, did that comment add on to irregular day I had. It was just upsetting that I had let a silly comment bother me. Okay, so now let's talk about the good things that happened: I gave a lady at work some flowers as a random act of kindness, I got further in this job application I am doing, I had some really meaningful conversations with some really nice people, and I called someone a rockstar. Pretty successful day if you ask me.

Night Sweaty selfie: (Yup, I have worn the same workout shirt three times now)

Okay, you can't see the sweat dripping, but I swear, it's still dripping. Also, is it just me, or has my eye colour changed? Okay, not gonna lie, I was tired at the end of my day, but I wanted to do my two day workouts because I am committed. So I changed, rested a bit, had supper (steak and mushrooms) and I made Beachbody approved lemonade popsicles. I also measured myself and in the 16-17 days I've been working out, I have lost no weight, but I have lost 6.5 inches over my entire body. This is huge, like my pants did fit better which is great, cause pant shopping is hard and I rather not go up a size. So with this accomplishment, I went to my Coaching group and I let them know, and their reactions were amazing. I really appreciate the fact that as a coach, I am part of a group that encourages me and celebrates with me (in spirit). I was a little discouraged that I haven't lost any weight, but my body is definitely changing and I can feel it. My front leg muscles, yeah, I haven't seen those in 7 years. So basically, my day started off great and is ending with a small but wonderful victory for me. Autumn talking about not losing weight:

Day 18 & 19: Lower Fix and Pilates Fix

This morning, thanks to the weather, I woke up with a headache. Basically, I get headaches when the atmospheric pressure changes. I also had bad cramps from (you guessed it!) my menstrual cycle. Who doesn't love to workout with a headache and cramps. I know I can't, it felt like my brain was moving around in my skull and I just wanted to sleep, so back to bed I went. #sorrynotsorry for putting myself on the line and expressing what women go through. So no workout for me, I went to work and came home. I had chocolate today, and I was super duper tired. I came home and I rested for a little bit. BUT I HADN'T DONE MY MORNING WORKOUT! So I got dressed and I went and did lower fix and pilates fix back-to-back because I committed myself and I have come too far to quit. Man, do I feel so much better. I feel so much better than I did. It starts my day off wrong if I don't workout.

Oh btw, the popsicles were delicious!

Day 20 & 21: Okay so who dropped off the face of the earth for the past two-ish days?

Hi, its me! I did. I was supposed to go to New Hampshire, and I did, but I had a very busy past two days. We stopped by Old Orchard Beach and went to the beach for a morning/afternoon, then we went to Kittery and then we made it to Dover NH. There really isn't much to do around there and we were supposed to go to the beach the next day, but instead decided to go to Boston for a day trip, it was like an hour away so why not?! Had a wonderful day exploring Boston and the Aquarium. Then we hit up Kittery again (because you shop when you can... I shop really well) Then we went to Portsmouth to have supper, I totally indulged, I love burgers and melted cheese. Then today, we drove back from Dover. I am exhausted, but it was a really nice trip. I also killed another plant.... Oh well.

Okay, so where am I on the 21 Day Fix? Well, I just did the Dirty 30 and Yoga fix, so I am officially done the 21 Day fix.

So who is ready for a tally on how many inches I have lost?

NOW, I want to remind everyone that I have not lost any weight, my body is still adjusting to the changes and I also had a naughty weekend where I ate way way way more than I should. I am however feeling great, these are amazing results, so much more than I was anticipating and I am very proud of myself. I mostly lost from my hips and then a little from all over.

Tomorrow, I start the 21 Day Fit Extreme and I am going to do my best to keep to the meal plan this time. I am also going to be blogging my adventures and I am also going to do a before and after picture because I am feeling more confident and I am feeling up to taking the before and after.

A big thank you to everyone who has followed my journey! I really appreciated all the motivation I have gotten over the past three weeks.

Thanks for reading,



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