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Week Two: The 21 Day Fix

Hello everyone and welcome to week two!

Day One: Total body cardio fix - Here is my super sweaty selfie. You know it's a good workout when your ponytail wants to stay in place.

Okay, so last week I completely messed up the cardio I was doing and I hadn't actually done this one because I had a mess up last week. So, I woke up at 5:50 a.m. and then rushed out of bed got changed and bolted it downstairs to do my workout before I had to get ready for work. My feet were really hurting again and I'm not entirely sure why, so I took my shoes off and did my workout on a yoga mat, so I wouldn't slip. The first half was really hard, but I noticed that running in place doesn't hurt my ankles anymore and squats don't hurt my knees anymore on the right side, only a little bit on the left. I had an excellent health day, especially since last week was rough. I have really committed myself to eating as clean as I can for the next two weeks. I even got myself a cool new lunch box since the Lululemon bags aren't cutting it.

I'm also looking for 21 DF lunch ideas because salads just aren't going to fully cut it. So let me know if you have anything you love that I could try!

Day Two:

I went to bed a little too late and I was tired during my workout. I still did pretty good and finished mostly all of it without modifying. I may have just closed my eyes half way. I had a great health day though. I made this really delicious open face sandwich made of roasted red pepper hummus, chicken, spinach, and a few tomatoes. I also took on a tutoring job, teaching a little boy french. So that should be really fun. I also went to bed early because my body is getting a little more tired as of late.

Quotes for you and quotes for me.

Day Ten:

It's been ten days, I have worked out for ten days, IN A ROW! If you know me, you'll know that I have never done that. Isn't it great? I feel so wonderful, even if my smoothie was too small this morning and tasted off. I am going strong with waking up at 5:50 a.m. and working out. I went to bed at a reasonable hour last night, so I wasn't tired for lower fix. Which, by the way, went wonderfully. It was the best lower fix I've ever done and it was sweaty too. I was tired when I got home and took a twenty minute power nap. Since then I've just been sitting at home relaxing, because I can, because I worked out this morning. It's also raining and kayaking during the rain is dangerous. I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday.

Day 11 or 4: I didn't take a selfie so here is a picture that emulates my day.

OMG, last week I didn't want to do Pilates and I have no idea why?! It went really well, I mean I modified, but I was good, next week I will definitely try to modify less. I had a good health day, snuck a few hershey kisses, but let me tell you, someone left a box of homemade Boston cream donuts and I did not have one. It was a really really nice gesture, but I am sticking to my guns. I had enough donuts in university.

Everyone else liked them, but I stuck to my apple and peanut butter. It was a better energy day. I'm actually really proud of how much will power I've had. It's really not like me, but I am working so hard, I don't want to ruin my work. I like waking up and working out and eating healthy has changed my attitude. Coaching is also going really well, I am really proud of my little business.

I am going to change myself in 21 days. It's funny because I used to say " umm lots of things taste better than skinny feels." Well, I am not doing this to be skinny, but I want to be healthy and a donut isn't getting me there and it only taste good for the time you ate it; feeling healthy is something that lasts all day.

Day 5 or 12:

I did not workout this morning and it totally screwed my day health wise... Well I did it myself, but you know what I mean. I was going pretty well, but supper consisted of 1 and 1/2 veggie dogs and a handful of chips... I actually feel so gross, I keep drinking water, but it's not helping. I did my workout and that helped and I got some fresh air, but I've learnt that my body is changing even my mom said it was huge that I felt gross for not working out at 5:50 am. I am really proud of myself for doing things for myself. I'm also pretty pumped I am using my kayak more and I am really enjoying my journey. Also, I finally blended my Shakeology properly and my smoothie tasted the best it ever has.

Day 6 or 13: There was no power from 11-6. I read a lot. Personal Development is very important, you should read more personal development books, they are good for the soul.

Day 7 or 14: Dirty 30 and Yoga Fix ( I forgot the picture) Okay, so this morning, I made my smoothie, I watched Big Brother and I painted some lattice on our desk that is being stained. Then, I did the dirty 30. Not only was I better at it, but I was enjoying myself and I didn't even realize it, but 30 minutes had passed and I was like "what no more squats using weights?!?!" I don't generally have fun working out and today, it was fun, because it just felt so so good. I had a really nice lunch of peanut butter and apples on toast and veggies and hummus. Then I worked on some job type things and I read more for personal development. After supper, I did yoga, and I finally installed a shoe shelf, I feel like Carrie Bradshaw... I love her and the entire cast by the way.

Thanks for reading, Samantha


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