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Week One: The 21 Day Fix

Hello everyone!

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know that I started the 21 Day Fix today. My goal is to update this blog post for the entire week and start another post next Monday for week two.

Why am I doing the 21 Day Fix? Well, I decided to be a Beachbody coach last week and in doing so, I was finally committing myself to myself. Meaning, I am finally giving myself the time to make myself feel great and healthy because to be honest, I don't feel great all the time and I've had it. I want to feel great and I haven't really focused on myself in five years and well life will catch up with your body and life caught up with mine and I'm doing something about it. Don't get me wrong, I love myself and I'm not doing this because I want to look good in a bathing suit, but I'm doing this because it hurts if I sit for too long, I am super out of shape, and I really want to live my life at its fullest and I am not going to be able to if I don't make the changes now. Now is my time.

Thanks for all the support and if you have any questions, just let me know!

Day 1: Cardio Fix

I went to a movie tonight and I didn't think about doing the 21 Day Fix before leaving the house. My sister is the one who said "no let's do it, we have time" and I did it and it was a great decision. We did cardio fix, a mixture of squats, burpees, jumps, and side crunches. There are 4 rounds ad each round has two different exercises, that you do twice each. I like this cardio fix, its really nice, but I couldn't fully do it. I sat out a little bit because it got really hard even with the modifier. So needless to say, I need to work on it, but I am super proud of myself for doing as much as I can :) Health on the other hand wasn't that great, but it was my birthday so I cake counted as free since it was my birthday. I feel great and filled with energy.

Day 2: Upper Fix

Today, I woke up feeling a little tired (11 p.m. is just too late for me to sleep in) but I felt wonderful this morning at work. I had a wonderful morning and I was doing well until we had a work function and I totally caved at the mini brownies. I was really drained this afternoon and I even tried to get a healthier option at a belated birthday lunch, but a few veggies and a tea perked me up a bit. Other than that, I think I definitely hit the second container bracket, but my goals are to stay within the first container bracket. So tomorrow will be better :) I did the upper fix today and it was awesome. In February, I could barely lift 30 pounds for more than a few seconds. Ever since then, I've been working little by little on my arms and so when I did the upper fix, I was totally able to use the heavy weights and I didn't have to modify all that much. I love working out my arms.

Day Three : Lower Fix

It's day four, but I'm witting about day three. Lower fix went really well. It was hard, but I did it and then I went to Trivia night, which is really fun because it raises money for cystic fibrosis. Now, I couldn't do it full out and my feet started to hurt (I think its because I am breaking in new sneakers) so I sat at one point, but I love the leg workout. I really do. Food wise, it was pretty good, until the ice cream sandwich, but like it happens. I also was super sore at trivia.

I totally forgot to take a selfie... Sorry.

Day Four:

It was a bad workout day and an okay health day. I missed a workout and it felt really bad when I did. See day five.

Day Five:

Okay, not gonna lie, I was tired and I felt just bad about missing yesterdays workout. So I went to work with my smoothie in tow and had a really nice morning, then there was a BBQ which was delicious, but not 21 Day appropriate. Then I texted Laura my sponsor/coach/know-er of making me motivated again. She said "if you get a flat tire, would you slash all other three tires, or would you change it?" My mentality is the car and I got a flat tire, so I changed it. When I got home, my shipment of Lilly Pulitzer came in. One of the dresses didn't fit and instead of getting upset, I said "goals dress" my goal is to fit in this dress and feel comfortable in it. Then I saw my Beachbody coach package. Man, what a motivator. I got the 21 day fix extreme and instead of doing cardio from the 21 DF I decided to do 10 minutes of abs and then the 21 DFE of upper fix. Why? I love upper fix so thats why I tried it. I'm feeling a lot more motivated and tomorrow is the dirty 30 and that, that is bae (I know what you're thinking haha).

Day Six: The Dirty Thirty

Holy Crap you guys! That was the best workout this week! The dirty thirty is dirty, but I love it. It works out my whole body and I feel great. I'm super energized and although its 1p.m. I am ready to take on the day. I'll be golfing later today, which is pretty exciting since I haven't since last summer and it's something me and my dad love to do. I also have a new visor, which is awesome. I had my shakeology this morning and it was great. Vegan chocolate is delicious and I threw in strawberries so like my smoothie was pretty romantic. I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!

Here's my extra sweaty selfie.

Day Seven:

Well I did my first week! Today was yoga, so I did it at the end of the day. I was pretty tired today, but it was the first really hot weekend and I think my body was adjusting. I am also super super sore.I used enough water in my smoothie this morning for the shakeology and it tasted really good. It was a very restful day and I even got to swim a little and I helped my dad with the deck. I also organized.

I'll be starting a new blog post for next week tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,



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