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Five Ways to Keep Clothes Organized

Hello everyone!

So, I'm known with my friends as the person who cleans her room and says "sorry it's such a mess". Obviously, it's not a mess, but I still say it. I don't know why.

I have an outrageous amount of clothes, but I started my professional collection when I was 18. I have a mix of business attire and casual dress. I also have a ton of cocktail dresses because when you are super involved with different clubs, they all have gala's or banquets at some point and you need a dress for them.

I have also managed to keep everything organized and in it's place because I can't handle clothes on the floor for more than a few days.

Here are my tips to keep clothes off the floor and organized as can be:

1) Purge whatever you don't wear.

Get rid of stuff you don't wear! Like if it's something you have not worn in the past 6-8 months sell it, toss it, DIY it. It's probably old or ugly or it doesn't fit, so why keep it? Trust me, you don't need to keep it. If you're holding on to it for sentimental reasons, okay, that's a different story. If you want to keep it because you want to fit in it again, fine. But if you don't need it, like take it out of the closet and get rid of it. You don't need every t-shirt from that pub-crawl that changed your life, cut the logo out and make the rest of it into a rag for cleaning.

2) Categorize it.

Skirts go with skirts and pants go with pants. I don't have a specific way of putting away my clothes and maybe I am doing it wrong, but I hang my dresses, blazers, pants, and dress-ier shirts. I fold sweaters, skirts, shorts, nicer t-shirts, and leggings. I display all of those and the uglier clothing items like hoodies, event t-shirts, PJ's, workout gear, underwear, and bathing suits I keep in drawers or behind the nicer stuff. I just like to look at the nice stuff.

3) Pick it up off the floor at least once a week.

I like to put away my clothes at least once a week. I'm very fortunate to have a walk-in closet, so I often just shove everything in it on the floor and close the door, but I end up not being able to find anything in it after a while. I take all of it, whilst watching tv and I drop it on the bed to put away.

4) Use hooks on the back of the closet door and hanging shelves

I used to have a pretty stinky work uniform and I couldn't place it with my other clothes. So I used hook and stuck them on the back to help with the smell getting on my other clothes. This could work with just about any clothing that you have no place for. You could also hang scarfs or hats behind the closet doors too. I also love hanging closet shelves made of cloth with velcro grips, because I can store just about anything in them.

5) Get a dresser

I love the drawer system for clothing I don't want to look at. As mentioned above, I stick anything that I deem the uglier clothing to drawers, so I don't need to look at them. Then inside the drawers, I use these boxes I found at Ikea that are made to organize drawers. These boxes are the bomb. They just keep everything tidy which is what I need... it soothes me.

Thanks for reading,



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