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Road Reviews: Better Than Sex Mascara

Hello everyone!

Long time no read... you know when your just not in the mood to write anything, I was in that mood. Anyways, a few weeks ago, I went to Sephora and I didn't need anything, but I was at the Too Faced section looking for a liquid lipstick called "Lady Balls" that I wanted to swatch (they didn't have it) so I decided to purchase the "Better Than Sex" Mascara. This is how I shop at Sephora, it's like the puppy who get's distracted in that video.

I've heard a lot about this mascara and I wanted to put it to the test. I tried it in many situations, but unfortunately, I didn't get pictures. You're just going to have to take my word for it.

The mascara comes in a metallic pink tube and retails at $30 CAD. This packaging means business though, it's a metal tube, so it's very heavy and I feel like if I had to defend myself, I could by throwing it at someone's head. Idk this is just came to mind to describe the packaging.

The brush is said to be designed like an hourglass and is made with bristles and not made out of plastic.

I tried this mascaras a few ways, but first, I compared it to the Benefit's "They're Real" mascara. I saw a slight difference, in that it did make my lashes more plump, but as for length, I couldn't notice a difference.

I then tried it on whilst gardening. I had to change some flower beds into vegetable beds and my mascara didn't even move. So already, I was pretty impressed. I had also tried it on whilst painting some doors and it also didn't budge. So A for "Testing mascara while doing laborious jobs". I should note that I was not wearing any makeup other than the mascara.

Then, I took a nap. I give this mascara a C+ for "Testing mascara while napping." It flaked obviously, but I so wanted it not to budge. Also, when it flakes, it was difficult to wipe the flakes off and cover with concealer. I was still not wearing make up, but that brings me to my next point.

I went out to a party and wore the mascara. Full face of makeup, it was doing great, but flaked after a few hours of wear. Clearly, it's not very sweat proof which leads me to my last scenario, I went to the gym on another day with a full face of makeup and I was wearing the mascara. No.. just like don't do it to yourself, it flaked again. So I give it a B for "Testing mascara while sweating profusely". I can't really give it lower because the flakes weren't bad, but they were just annoying and its hard to find sweat proof mascara (unless it's waterproof).

So my final verdict? I like it for every day wear, I get sweaty at the gym and whilst i'm dancing, so I can't really judge the mascara harshly for something I can't control. I didn't like that it wasn't nap proof, but oh well. As for the name, is it better than sex? I'll let you decide. But it's a pretty nice mascara, I feel like the waterproof version would definitely work better because we would assume that it flakes less. I haven't tried it, but the packaging was cute.

Final grade: If it didn't flake, A. I loved the volume and the length and the brush is really nice. Because it flakes, which is the problem in almost all the scenarios above, I'll give it a B+. Maybe if I tried it with a primer underneath it would have been better, but I would buy it again and it's a nice mascara.

Thanks for reading,



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