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Pulled Mushroom BBQ Sandwich

Hello Everyone!

Last night I made pulled mushroom BBQ sandwiches with my rice bowl recipe as a side and I posted the picture to Facebook. People seemed to really like the concept, so I decided to blog about it.

I got the idea for the recipe here: The full recipe is in the description box of the video.

I couldn't make it exactly like they did because I didn't have a smoke box and I didn't want to use kale. The coleslaw bag of pre-cut ingredients that was 50% off was too good to pass up.

Here's what I used to make the coleslaw:

- One bag of coleslaw mix

- Two shredded carrots

- One cup of vegan mayonnaise (Veganaise is great, don't knock it, ti'll you try it)

- Four tablespoons of sugar

- One tablespoon of red crushed pepper flakes

- One Half cup of apple cider vinegar

It's essentially like what the chef did in the video, but with cabbage. Throw everything into the bowl and let it sit for 30 minutes or so (depends on how soaked you like your coleslaw).

Here's what I used to make the pulled mushroom:

- 400g or two packs of King Oyster mushroom (I found mine pre-cut, so if you shop at the Super Store, you should be able to find them!)

- A lot of BBQ Sauce

- A slash of vegetable oil

I cooked the mushrooms on the grill until they were almost crispy. Without the wood smoker I had no idea if I was doing it right, they looked good to me and were cooked, so I took them off. To shred the mushroom, get a cutting board and a fork and place the fork at the top of a mushroom piece and pull down many times. This will give the shredded appearance of pork, without the meat.

Now comes the fun part! Add your shredded mushroom to a frying pan with the vegetable oil. Then, coat it (as in dump at least half of the bottle on the mushrooms) with your BBQ sauce. I used the Kraft original flavour and i'm 95% sure it's vegan, but no one on the internet seems to agree if natural smoked hickory flavour is vegan or not. Let it sauté in your pan at a medium heat and once the BBQ sauce is sticking on to the mushroom, it's ready.

How to assemble:

Take whatever bun you want to use, throw the coleslaw on the bottom and the mushrooms on top. This should make 4 portions.

As for the rice bowl, it's really easy to do. Make some rice, and when it's done, add in the juice of one lime and as much cilantro your heart wants. Let it sit with the lid closed to absorb the lime juice. Then let it cool.

Once it is cooled, add in one avocado (or more), 3/4 can of rinsed and strained black beans, 1 can of rinsed and strained corn, and a few diced cherry tomatoes. It's not fancy, but it is delicious and good for you (as long as you rinse and strain the canned food)

I hope you enjoy this meatless pulled pork sandwich!

Thanks for reading,



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