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The Greats: Inspirational Women

Hello everyone!

As International Women's History month comes to an end, I started thinking about all the opportunities I have had as a woman and as a person. I am incredibly blessed and I wanted to thank the women who made it possible for me to have these opportunities. I think we often forget that a few decades ago, women did not have the rights we have today. Although we have a lot more work to do, we have to remember that some of us have worked incredibly hard to give women a voice today.

These are just some of my favourite women who broke down barriers that seem so small today. I've also included some of the women who have impacted my life and have taught me to stand strong in times of growth.

1) J.K. Rowling

When I was 11, I did not like reading. I had seen the Harry Potter movies, but I did not want to read them. I will admit, I wasn't very good at reading in English and I found it difficult when I couldn't understand what was going on in a story. I was visiting my friends house in Montreal and picked up the sixth book in the collection off of her living room table. I read a paragraph and I wanted to know the rest of the story. For the first time, something sparked and I knew it was a story I had to read. I bought the first book a few days later with my babysitting money and I was hooked.

J.K. Rowling changed the world with her writing. She changed my life and it's her creativity that sparked a love of reading in me.

2) Brenda Berkman

Brenda Berkman was the first female firefighter in New York City. She fought in court for the right to be a firefighter and won. She stood strong when the men were cruel as they tried to make her leave firefighting. She became a voice for women in firefighting in New York when women weren't welcomed in firehouses. She may not be known worldwide, but she is known in New York and is incredible. I recently wrote a report about her and she truly is an inspiration.

3) The Supremes

Little known fact, I love 1960's music and I love women who made history during the civil rights movement. They changed music in America and paved the road for women in the music industry. They have songs that are still catchy and they are timeless.

4) Betty Halbreich

A personal shopper with an incredible story. She's an author and Bergdorf employee. She was in a broken marriage and battling with her mental health. She started working at an older age and by working as a personal shopper, she found herself. She's absolutely phenomenal.

5) Queen Elizabeth II

Say what you want about the monarchy, but this lady is incredible. Tough as nails and continues to do her job at 90. She will remain in the hearts of many for eternity as she is timeless. She has seen so much history and although at times she has not always been loved, she has adapted and she has made a difference in the world.

6) The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.

From 1943 - 1954 women played baseball. Not softball, but baseball. Might I add that they played in skirts and although there are no women baseball players in the national league now, they were incredible women who played this sport with passion and dignity.

7) Cheryl Pounder

She won two gold medals during the 2002 and 2006 Winter Olympics in women's hockey. One day, my dad came back home from a business trip with a post card of Cheryl Pounder, she had signed it, "To Samantha Go for Gold". That was in 2002. I still have it and I keep it on my cork board for inspiration. You can barely see the marker, but I keep it.

8) My Sister

She is two years younger than me, but boy is she ever wise beyond her years. She is by far the most phenomenal person I know. She is intelligent, kind, and has a heart of gold. She's my built in best friend and partner in crime. She has my back and I can count on her for just about anything. Her honesty is to be praised and her assertiveness to be admired. I look up to her, even though she is shorter than me.

9) My Grandmothers

I won't be including a photo for privacy reasons, but my grandmothers are incredible women. On my mothers side, my nana was a nurse and raised three children who are wonderful people. She is generous, kind, and has the most amazing caring heart. On my fathers side, grandma was a seamstress and raised four children who are also wonderful people. I've always known her has a strong independent women who is kind and vibrant. Between these two ladies, I have learned so many things and I have so much more to learn. They truly are both incredible people.

10) My Mother

Where to begin? My mother is the one I go to when things are bad, when things are good, and when I have no idea what adjective to assign to things. She's was a teacher, a principal, an author, and that's just some of her jobs throughout her career. To me, she was a chauffeur, a homework helper, a motivational speaker, a coach, a teacher, a proof reader, a chaperone, a dance mom, an interior designer, a rockstar, an advocate, a friend, and many more professions that mom's don't get paid for, but do anyways. She makes the best BBQ chicken and organized the best birthday parties with my dad. She worked, had two kids, and got her masters degree. My mom is a rockstar and has my eternal gratitude. She has taught me to be independent and she taught me to go for what I want. She's inspirational and she's simply the best.

So there you have it, some of the most inspirational women I know. This isn't the whole list, but I thought they went together nicely.

Thanks for reading,



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