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Road Reveals: Drugstore Haul

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, I wanted to buy the NYX conceal.correct.contour pallet because I couldn't get my shade a few weeks ago when I realized shoppers sold NYX. I needed a new concealer and I use the same one every time, so I thought "I'll branch out". Well I found it.... I also found a few more things and decided I wanted to share it with you all! I also have pictures and swatches (which is super handy)

So the first thing I got was the NYX Conceal.Correct.Contour pallet in light (3CP01) . Just so you know, I could not find the name's of each colour, so I've numbered them for convenience.

I'm pretty impressed with the consistency and the selection of colours.

The next thing I got was the Voluminous Super Star mascara from L'Oreal Paris in Blackest Black (621). I am excited to try this, I love that this comes with a primer to volumize and that the brushes aren't plastic. We will see if this volumizes my lashes.

I also picked up my favourite gel liner that I haven't repurchased in a very long time. I sort of wanted to try different eyeliners and forgot about this one. It's the Essence Cosmetics gel liner in Midnight in Paris (01). For $3.99 Canadian, you can't go wrong. It is also waterproof so it lasts really well.

With that I picked up the precise eyeliner brush, because mine is gross and I threw it out. Unfortunatly, if you don't wash off the gel liner on a regular basis, it turns into sort of a tar and its very difficult to wash off. When I washed my brush the bristles were frayed and could not be salvaged.

The next few items I got were mostly for fun. Right now, I am very much into light purple and pastel shades on my eyes and I thought that these items could be fun. I probably won't wear it all the time, but I love pixie dust and glittery things.

The pixie dust is from essence cosmetics and the first more purple shade is called Carrie's Fairy Dust and the second is called Trixie's Fairy Dust. These are limited edition and come from the "Hidden Stories" collection. They aren't super pigmented, but they are fun!

The last item I got was the Essence Hidden Stories mascara topper in Wonderland's Next Super Fairy. Honestly, I just liked it and I may us it, but just for fun. I really like glitter things.

That's all I got at Shoppers Drug Mart and I hope you enjoyed this little blog!

Thanks for reading,



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