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10 Things About Being A Senior in University

Hello Everyone!

My has it been a while since I've writen anything! I signed up to do all my major class presentations/ papers in February, which in hindsight was good, but it was a lot of work! So now, here I am and I wasn't sure what to write about so I asked a friend and she said "Write about being a senior in university... I would read that". I thought it would be funny, I know you aren't supposed to state that its funny, but then that wouldn't be my humour.

1) Doing Homework is Nearly Impossible

I never thought I would have "senior-ists", but here we are. I have one class to graduate and I am taking four. All of them include projects and papers and I was super pumped about them in January and now I'm like "Oh right, I have to do that". The exhaustion of finding motivation is a lot, but it's almost over!

2) If you're in 5th year, all of your friends are gone

They did it in four years and you took five, there's nothing wrong with that, but expect to be alone in classes and you'll most likely have to make new friends. Unless you have no interest in that, which is cool.

3) You will either be super involved, or completly disinterested in school life

I am super involved. I am 100% going to miss being involved in school, I will probably have to find a volunteer job to keep myself busy. Some people just completly disinterest themselves because they are graduating and that's why you'll have to make new friends, because they wont really be around.

4) You'll end up doing all the things you haven't, but always wanted to.

You may want to do more different things then you are used too, do them, this is the time.

5) People will take trips during March break

You most likely wont be one of those people and that's okay. If you are, that is wonderful, but bring home some tacky souvenirs for your friend who will be reading during reading week.

6) You'll realize your freshman 10-15 followed you in years 2,3, and 4

So you put on a few pounds and now that you are graduating, you realize you should lose it before graduation. You can do it, I believe in you!

7) Buying frying pans is exciting, so are other home goods

Chances are, you moved out of mom and dad's house when you first started university, but for some of us just learning the ropes, frying pans and cooling racks are super interesting.

8) Student Gala's become exciting, but you wont buy a new dress

If you're involved, you will go to a gala, a banquet, or something that needs a pretty dress. In the past, I myself have been known to buy a new dress and splurge on shoes. This year, I used what was in my closet because there is no point in buying a new dress that will only be used at some wedding in three years.

9) People will get engaged, married, and start to have babies at this point

Well, it was inevitable and I love a good wedding, or finding out people are getting married. Weddings are fun at this age and so are babies, because you can give back the baby when it is crying! Don't be sad no one has proposed to you yet, it will happen, there's no rush, enjoy being single.

10) You will start to realize that university is over and get emotional

The moment you realize its over, that's when you become sappy and you start to hug everyone you see because you will miss them. University is wonderful, so enjoy it and thank people for making it so amazing.

These are just some of the realizations I have had over the course of the past year, obviously, it's not what everyone will experience, but someone will relate.

Thanks for reading,



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