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115 Things to do During Self-Isolation

We are living in unprecedented times. Teachers aren't doing what they love, small/medium businesses don't know if they will make it through, and people aren't educating themselves before panic buying or leaving the house.

Let me say this: YOU CANNOT SEE OTHER PEOPLE. Self-isolation means staying at home and going out for necessities, like groceries, gas,and wine.

I am really good at staying at home. An introvert at heart, but extrovert when need be, I spent my childhood summers reading books and not needing anyone to find fun. I spent time with friends, but I wasn't waking up in the morning needing to spend time with others. Today, I still feel like that. I love staying at home, I do love chatting, but I am doing okay right now and that is because I am finding things to do. We all need things to do, so I've made a list, I also broke it down to categories because I do that. Just a reminder, these are all things you should be doing, but I just made a giant list.


For your body

1) Take a shower

2) Take a bath

3) Wash your hair

4) Deep condition your hair

5) Exfoliate

6) Moisturize

7) Do a face mask

8) Moisturize your face

9) Start using eye cream

10) Start using sunscreen

11) Get changed every day

12) Get ready for work like you would usually do Mon-Fri

13) Stand in the sunshine (with your applied sunscreen)

14) Paint your nails

15) Give yourself a full pedicure

For your brain

1) Get outside every day, fresh air is important

2) Do a different home workout every day

3) Read self-help/personal development books

4) Call friends and family

5) Make a gratitude list

6) Start meditating

7) Start a yoga practice

8) Start crafting (I like knitting, this lady is a great instructor online)

9) Plan a vegetable garden

10) Create a routine to follow

11) Do a puzzle

12) Do math exercises to keep your brain fresh, like sudoku and crosswords

For your belly (Food)

1) Make a zucchini or eggplant lasagna

2) Make Ramen

3) Make a mac and cheese from scratch

4) Make butter chicken

5) Make quiche from scratch

6) Make pizza

7) Make fresh pasta

8) Make bread

9) Make green bean casserole

10) Make meals you always wanted to try, but haven't

11) Try new wines

12) Try new beers

13) Try Kombucha it's good for your gut

14) Make a breakfast skillet

15) Make crispy tofu

16) Support a local restaurant and get delivery

17) Support a local grocery store

18) Support local bakeries (THEY HAVE THE BEST SOUPS)

Around the House

1) Vacuum everything

2) Wash your floors

3) Wipe the baseboards

4) Vacuum and wipe down dusty corners around your house

5) Organize your coat closet

6) Organize your boots and shoes

7) Organize your winter accessories

8) Wash the coats

9) Shine your leather boots

10) Donate old coats, boots, and winter accessories

11) Organize your cleaning supply closet

12) Throw out old cleaning supplies

13) Organize your reusable bags

14) Go through your books

15) Organize books by category

16) Organize DVD's into a case and keep the cases to donate later

17) Wipe off all tables

18) Take all the rugs outside and give them a good shake

19) Remove stains from everything that is stained

20) Clean your windows

21) Set up an office space (if you are working, working from the couch hurts)

22) Organize each drawer

23) Create a donation pile of old clothes

24) Make your bed

25) Wash the bedding

26) Organize your bar (or cupboard with alcohol)

27) Clean off the garage work bench

28) Take everything out of the garage wipe the floors down

29) Go through everything you just took out of the garage

30) Re organize the garage

31) Toss out old laundry cleaners

32) Wash the laundry machine (you can get cleaner for it)

33) Wash your laundry

34) Hang it to dry on the line or on racks

35) Clean out your fridge

36) Wipe down the fridge

37) Go through the condiments

38) Make sure everything is still good and then put it back in the fridge

39) Empty out all your cupboards and wipe them down.

40) Go through pots, plates, and everything else

41) Toss/donate things you don't use anymore

42) Organize your spice cabinet

43) Wipe down the cupboards

44) Put everything away

45) Deep clean the sink

46) Clean the bathroom

47) Deep clean the tub and toilet

48) Wash the outside of your house (You need a hose, an expandable brush)

49) Clean the inside of your car

50) Vacuum the car

51) Wash the car inside and out (it's different then the two above)

52) Wax the car

53) Once the snow melts, rake the grass

54) Re-do flower beds

55) Make a list of things you need to get done around the house when self-isolation is over, but maybe you can still get the stuff at open hardware stores that deliver (actually you should help local businesses)

More stuff I thought of after making this list

56) Dust your house

57) Clean your oven

58) Clean your dishwasher

59) Clean your ceiling fans

60) Wash your shower curtain and rug

61) Defrost the freezer

62) Pull out the stove and clean around it

63) Clean the microwave

64) Wash your slip covers

65) Vacuum behind the couches

66) Clean the remotes

67) Turn the mattress

68) Dust window sills and blinds

69) Empty the trash

70) Remove floor vents and vacuum

I may be working on more self-isolation posts, we will celebrate the blogs birthday in June during my birthday!

All my love,



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