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About Samantha:



Samantha is the heart of the blog. When she was 16 she had the idea for SamanthaRoad, but only started it in 2015, when she was 21. She is the Creative Director, Writer, and Editor of SamanthaRoad, curating all elements to reflect her life. SamanthaRoad started as a hobby to review makeup. It has since evolved into an authentic display of her soul. The essence is an open journal into her interests. 

Samantha is a Bachelors of Business Administration graduate from the University of New Brunswick, who works full time in Communications for the Federal Government. She lives with her sister in a 1930's house and bikes to work every day. She loves gardening, knitting, being an amateur chef, and spending time with her family. 

This or That

Mornings or Evenings? Mornings

Library or Museums? Museums!

Dogs or Cats? Dogs

BBQ or Ketchup? BBQ 

Concerts or Musicals? Musicals for life!

Beach or Mountain? My heart is at the ocean

Boat or Plane? Plane 

Rain or Snow? Snow is better to walk in than rain

Ocean side hikes are my new favorite. I

Magnolia Kitchen


Taylor Swift

We went from drab to fab in three days a

Patio DIY


My favourite posts

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